Transactional Mail

Transaction, Trans-promotional and e-invoicing

Perigord provide transactional mail services to many regulated sectors including the insurance, telecommunications and banking industries. Transactional mail services we provide include statements, invoices, renewal letters, online billing and reminder letters.

Our online invoicing service, enable invoicing by email or ‘e-invoicing’, and also allows customers to log in to a secure site to access copies of their archived invoices.

Trans-Promotional Mail

Trans-Promotional marketing involves inserting promotional material into documents such as invoices, utility bills or statements. Transactional mail documents can be delivered online, emailed or printed. The transactional mail piece can be produced in full colour within your brand guidelines.

Trans-Promotional Marketing allows targeted promotions for relevant products and services to your customers. Our data team can data-mine and segment your customer base to deliver the most effective message to each customer.

Our data-mining technology enables your to  send different messages to geographical regions, or respond to purchasing preferences. You can employ just-in-time advertising, send seasonal promotional or renewal reminders.

Increase connection and trust by showing your customers that they are more than just a number, with targeted, personalised promotional messages.

  • High open rates; more than 95% of all statements and invoices are read by the recipient
  • Consumers spend an average of 2 – 3 minutes reviewing each statement received in the mail
  • In general, consumers will only discard 4% of statements or bills without opening or reading them, compared to 49% of circulars and 73% of credit card offers
  • Marketing messages on transactional mail pieces are more likely to be read and valued
  • High involvement transactional mail receives more attention than any other form of communication
  • Transactional mail is often viewed more than just once.