Tender & Bid Management Documentation

On-site and off-site production solutions

Tender and bid management can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. Perigord can deliver on-site and off-site production solutions to manage this process. 

Connecting all stakeholders is key and can be managed by our internal production system. This enables all users to remotely follow all jobs in production, both on-site and off-site via our print tracker module. Onsite facilities usually deliver a combination of large format capability coupled with high speed, high volume, small format A3 and A4 machines.

Our industry standard large format machines create significant efficiency reducing the production times for drawings and eliminating the cost associated with having qualified personnel monitoring lengthy print production cycles.

Our technology manages production spikes enabling us to load balance the printing of drawing between our internal and external resources. Our creative and artwork production teams can also deliver added value for the tender team.

Reducing Turnaround Times

Our facility, Perigord House operates a 24/7, production cycle which is critical reducing turnaround times. Design, formatting and print production jobs can be progressed overnight, enabling the tender team to focus on content development, technical requirements, budgets and proofing.