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The European Union (EU) is driving a modernisation agenda and growth framework for universities within Europe. The goal is to strengthen higher education and support a world leading knowledge-based economy.

Research has found that 89% of those within educational institutions across Europe are being impacted by the mobile working trend. The expectation, reinforced by the EU’s Lisbon Strategy, is that students and education staff should be able to work or study on or off campus, and have resources readily available in digital formats.

However, the Economist Intelligence Unit discovered that more than half of education leaders believe that technology is evolving more quickly than its processes or ways to use it. As a result, higher education institutions are looking to the technology sector to support them in transitioning to more mobile ways of studying that will enhance the way in which students learn.

The Perigord Group specialises in the provision of design, print, print room outsourcing, artwork management services and business process outsourcing to  educational institutions which meet these challenges. We partner with the marketing and administration functions within these institutions to develop unique solutions for unique challenges.

(Source Ricoh Europe)