Direct Mail

Market your business with the power of mail

Direct mail is the smart, accurate and measurable way to get closer to your customers and source new business. Perigord can help you manage your communications, in document printing, mail-processing services and intelligent direct marketing delivery. Perigord helps our customer execute direct mail campaigns, either a stand alone basis or an an integrated part of a campaign.

It’s targeted.

Mass advertising (TV, print, radio, etc.) tends to be expensive and isn’t always an option for SMEs. Direct mail can focus on a smaller group of prospects who are more likely to respond and thus delivering improved Return On Investment.

It’s measurable.

Direct mail is one of the few media channels that give you the ability to track the return on your investment. It’s as simple as counting the inquiries you received or counting the number of coupons redeemed. By tracking and analysing your results, you’ll see what's working and can adjust future mailings and messages if required.

It’s personal.

With direct mail, you can address your customers by name, speak to them individually, and appeal to their interests. And when customers feel that you understand their needs, they’re more likely to respond.

It’s flexible.

From letters to postcards to brochures, a wide variety of inexpensive and easy formats are available for your direct mail campaign. You can add impact by including a special offer or free sample in the envelope.

It’s tangible.

Direct mail allows your organisation to physically place a message in your customers’ hands and encourage interaction. Along with an engaging message, you can make an unforgettable impression by incorporating elements that actively involve the customer, like stickers, samples, and coupons.