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GLAMS 4 - A Game Changer

Media Release: GLAMS 4 - A Game Changer in Pharmaceutical Artwork Management Technology

PARIS, FRANCE, 13th February 2013 - GLAMS 4, the latest release of Perigord Group’s artwork management system was launched today at the Pharmapack conference and promises to deliver exciting benefits for pharmaceutical companies.

GLAMS 4 is a web-based Global Artwork Management System that was developed to control and manage artwork from concept to market. It places control of artwork in the customer’s hands, ensuring quality and accuracy, enabling better management of costs and accelerating the customer’s time to market.

The system creates a secure central online storage area that allows all stakeholders to participate directly in the production process and generate artwork in a unified tracking and management workflow. GLAMS 4 integrates with all aspects of the artwork life cycle in compliance with relevant industry standards and the customer’s specific requirements.

‘GLAMS 4 will represent a game changer in the pharmaceutical artwork management space. Our technology now features user friendly innovations such as dynamic drag and drop forms, configurable workflows and online editing, enabling the job owner to easily create, adjust and track custom production workflows.’ Alan Leamy, CEO

GLAMS 4 builds on existing technology and was developed to GAMP 5 guidelines. This ensures compliance to CFR 21 Part 11 and allows customer specific validation requirements to be efficiently met. The release will also feature additional reporting modules, advanced SAP (MIS/ERP) integration capabilities, an automated artwork generation module and online editing of existing artwork within the artwork repository. “GLAMS 4 leverages the inherent efficiencies of the internet in a new generation packaging solution that provides pharmaceutical companies with greater accuracy, cost efficiencies and more localised market control over artwork production,” Leamy stressed today. “There isn’t a pharmaceutical company in business today that wouldn’t benefit from the GLAMS 4 system. Specific customer benefits include:

  • Reduction in artwork lifecycle and & proofing lead times
  • Ownership with electronic signatures that provide an audit trail and accountability.
  • Control that allows users to stop and start production to suit manufacturing capacities or last minute regulatory changes, 
  • Compliance developed to GMP & CFR 21 Part 11 requirements.
  • Flexibility that provides new or temporary outsource vendors with controlled access to artwork collateral when capacity is an issue
  • Flexibility to make approved edits (though online interface) by non-artwork personnel (e.g. -regulatory department).

The Perigord Group specialises in providing workflow solutions, localised packaging and pre-media artwork management software and services to the Pharmaceutical and regulated industries. “We look forward to demonstrating how our solutions can immediately benefit pharmaceutical companies at this conference,” Leamy concluded.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the group also maintains North American offices in Branford, Connecticut and Sacramento, California as well as APAC offices in Chennai, India, Singapore & Christchurch, New Zealand.